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Supply chain issues cause major delays in Miami bridge construction

Construction of bridge to connect SR 836 to I-395 delayed
Construction of bridge to connect SR 836 to I-395 delayed 03:05

MIAMI - The signature bridge that will connect State Road 836 and I-395 in downtown Miami is still under construction, much to the frustration of drivers. And now, we have learned the timeline has been pushed back even further. 

Project managers said part of the issue is problems with the supply chain which took a big hit during the pandemic and is still recovering.

They said they are still waiting for the delivery of a gantry that will be used to erect pier caps and beams for the second level of the SR 836 bridge.

Albert Gomez, Vice President of Industrial Component which deals in manufacturing sales, said the supply chain breakdowns have caused a ripple effect.

"Is concrete delayed? Yes. You will see that as well because again there was that consolidation, a large bump up in orders, and there's this lag now on the supply chains trying to backfill the gaps because they were sitting on so much product with not a lot of cash flow," he said.  

So will the situation get better? Gomez said it already has. On some deliveries, there was a 36-week window. That's been cut down now to about 18 weeks.

Engineers on the bridge project are predicting that construction will now wrap up in 2027.

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