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Students who Shine: Ian Zhou

Students Who Shine:Ian Zhou
Students Who Shine:Ian Zhou 03:32

MIAMI - Ian Zhou is a senior at the School for Advanced Studies at Wolfson in downtown Miami. 

He's one of those kids who's going to excel at whatever career path he chooses.

He can drop jaws in awe with the way he plays the violin. 

The stringed instrument started out as just a hobby.

"I like the way the bow makes contact with the strings", said Zhou.

"I like the timber that is produced, and a combination of this led me to begin taking violin more seriously."

Years later, his hobby turned into a passion and earned him the first chair in the Greater Miami Youth Symphony.

His peers look up to Zhou for a myriad of reasons.

Ian's not just smart with a 5.1 GPA, and out-of-this-world test scores, but he's a natural-born leader.

Arene Martinez, Ian's counselor said, "he is the epitome of a leader. He is doing things, not for a pat on the back, but because he knows it could help others". 

An example of that, Ian tutors anyone who can't afford help.

He's often seen at the head of the class-leading discussions.

He began "PSAT Mondays" – which is SAT preparation for free.

On any given Monday, he has 30 kids soaking up his knowledge.

Ian explains how he learns and tries to pass those concepts to those he tutors, "I am able to visualize these concepts in my head. I am able to think and sit there for a couple of minutes and mull it over until the concepts make themselves clear in my head and then I don't need to study the concepts or do practice problems anymore".

The resume is impressive.

Here are a few points of distinction:

He studies all advanced placement courses, Ian is a college board 'AP scholar of distinction', was invited to participate in Harvard's collegiate economics challenge, was a national merit finalist, was inducted as a mathematics Silver Knight, and writes for the North American Economic Herald publication to help the Chinese population.

"I wrote them in both English and Chinese. I would just translate them, and essentially edit them myself," said Zhou.

He's not just a bookworm.

He's an athlete.

Ian's a member of the 'Miami First Serve' tennis program and plays usta sanctioned matches and tournaments.

He also helps coach disadvantaged beginners.

His propensity to help others is recognized as innate.

His principal at Wolfson, Omar Monteagudo said, "Ian decides that he wants to give back. And the way he gives back is by building others up".

In 10 years, Ian says he'll own his own artificial intelligence company which will focus on improving daily life by making it easier.

A reason he's a student who shines

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