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Services Now In Place To Block Those Annoying Robocalls

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Several cellphone providers are introducing a new technology used to get rid of annoying robocalls.

Research shows that in 2019, at least half of all calls made to cell phones are going to be robocalls.

Now, there is a way to stop those annoying calls from ever reaching your mobile phone.

Many of the scam calls originate from overseas using technology that clones or spoofs legit numbers to make it look like the call is coming from someone you know. And it's getting worse according to a company that offers data solutions to mobiles carriers.

"What we tell people is if you don't recognize the phone number don't answer it," said Senior Vice President of First Orion, Gavin Macomber. "because when you answer a call and start engaging with someone like pressing one to connect to an agent as soon as you do that, you'll start receiving a lot more scam calls."

T-Mobile has begun offering "caller verified" service.

It's using a new technology nicknamed Stir and Shaken. It's like a digital fingerprint for phone calls.

Here's how it works:

When a person makes a call, the caller's service provider checks the source of the call and the number with a service to make sure it's legit. It then sends the call to your service provider using a special authentication code. Your provider does a double check by sending the code to verification service.

That service checks the number against a database called a certificate repository. If it all checks out and isn't a robocall or a cloned number, the call is passed to your phone. And all of this takes just seconds because it's done electronically.

The FCC wants all carriers to adopt a robocall blocker like Stir and Shaken.

AT&T already has. Its service is called Call Protect.

Check with your provider to see if they offer something to help you block those annoying robocalls.


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