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Salisbury On Brady: "He's Done More With Less Than Anybody"


Former NFL quarterback and host of The Prime Cut Radio Show on SB Nation Radio, Sean Salisbury joined the Big O Show on 560 WQAM to discuss Super Bowl LI. Salibury talks about the mistakes make by the Falcons and the comeback by New England. Salibury says it was poor play calling and clock management by Atlanta. He believes there's no argument on who the best Quarterback in the NFL is; it's Tom Brady.

On Super Bowl LI- "Atlanta just couldn't put their foot on [New England's] throat"

On Atlanta's play calling- "It's one thing to have balls, it's another to be stupid. Dan Quinn's clock management was pathetic, run the damn football. Atlanta got a little too cute and a little too full of it."

On Tom Brady- "He's done more with less than anybody, there's no argument. On the Mount Rushmore, his face sticks out more than everybody."

On Kyle Shanahan being hired as San Francisco's head coach-"He's got a long way from getting there with that roster."

On Terrell Owens not being selected for the Hall of Fame- "If it was just numbers, he's a no brainer."

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