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Rubio Plans To Present Bill Restricting Cuban Immigrant Benefits

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio says he plans to introduce a bill to restrict benefits for Cuban immigrants.

The Florida senator sat down with CBS4's Jim DeFede and made the announcement for the first time while in New Hampshire.

Rubio says too many new arrivals are abusing the system.

"Not only does it need to be reexamined for that reason, but I even think the benefits that people are receiving now that they're coming on the Cuban Adjustment Act need to be reexamined," said Rubio. "I'm working on a law that would actually do that."

He said the bill he is drafting would follow the line of a similar bill filed by Miami Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

"We see the abuses already. We see the abuses happening. You have people coming now. They are collection social security having never worked in the U.S. and then moving back to Cuba and their relatives are wiring them the money,"said Rubio. "I mean the system is being taken advantage of and it needs to be addressed."

Rubio said he plans to file the bill within the next few days.

His announcement comes at a time when many Cubans fear renewed relations between Cuba and the United States could bring an end to the Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy. This allows Cubans to apply for residency if they reach the U.S. by land.

The fear is said to have caused a jump in the amount of Cubans trying to enter the U.S. whether through Central America or the Atlantic Ocean.

On a lighter note, Rubio also touched on some major news of the week - his boots- which have caused some controversy and some have nicknamed the "Cuban heel."

"I think my kids with my wife bought them for me. I think they're pretty cool. They're only for special occasions. Like I think that's the day the Dolphins were playing the Patriots. I was trying to see if they had any good luck associated with them," said Rubio.

DeFede asked, " So you're not wearing flats today as a sign of like a concession that you're no longer going to do the high heel."

"No I don't wear those everyday. They kind of hurt your back a little bit too," said Rubio.

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