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Restraining Orders Issued After 'Toxic Tush' Talk Show Melee

DORAL (CBSMiami) - The attorney for a man who was attacked on-stage during the taping of a program on Miami's infamous "Toxic Tush" case has obtained restraining orders against two women who set off an on-camera free-for-all during a taping of "Palante con Cristina" Wednesday.

The man attacked was Corey Eubanks, implicated as an assistant to Oneal Ron Morris, also known as "Duchess," who police say duped women into paying for injections of a near-lethal chemical formula to enhance their butts, only to find themselves sick and disfigured.

The Hollywood resident has denied any wrong-doing, and said he went on the Telemundo network to clear his name.

During the program Brunetta Brown, the mother of alleged victim Shaquanda Brown, and her daughter rushed the stage as cameras captured the whole thing. While security guards tried to separate everyone, Eubanks said Brunetta Brown three a prop syringe at him, striking him in the forehead.

"I got a laceration on my forehead. There's going to be a scar there. I am really upset about it. Of course charges should be filed. Just like they lied about me, the truth will come out and God will turn everything around," Eubanks told CBS4's Peter D'Oench.

Lewis said two restraining orders were issued Friday morning against Brunetta and Shaquanda Brown.

"This would make sure they would have to stay at least 500 feet away from him and have no contact and not be able to intimidate him," said Lewis.

The temporary orders will be in effect until a hearing February 10th.

Shaquanda Brown, who spoke to CBS4 News for the first time Thursday, said she almost died after what she called a botched cosmetic surgery.

"It was a bad buttock in injection," said Brown. "He knows what he did. He almost took my life."

Brown, a mother of two, spent 38 days in the hospital.

Wednesday night, she appeared on the Spanish language show for what she thought was a show about fake cosmetic procedures.

But 20 minutes before show time, Corey Eubanks joined Shaquanda on the stage.

She said things got out of hand after Eubanks accused her of lying.

While Eubanks alleges Shaquanda's mother attacked him, Shaquanda said that's not true.

"He came after me. No one attacked him," said Shaquanda.

According to the police report, witnesses on the set aren't really sure who started the scuffle which led police to the Doral studio Wednesday night.

Both Morris and Eubanks are charged with practicing medicine without a license.

They have both pleaded not guilty and are out on bail while their cases move forward.

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