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Residents Evacuated As Dania Apartment Building Floods From Leaky Pool, Again

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Residents living at The Place at Dania Beach apartments are fed up with flooding.

For the second time in over a month residents are forced to find a place to lay their heads after the pool above the apartments leaked down into their homes.

Michael Kane with Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue said, "When firefighters arrived our immediate concern was the safety of the residences. So in an abundance of caution we disconnected the power supply to the building to make it safe and then began the evacuation process and we had to evacuate approximately 200 residents."

The water destroyed several apartments more than a month ago and the pool was just refilled on Tuesday.

One resident said, "I know other people that are on the east side. Many people moved out."

This time around the luxury pool holding 10-thousand gallons of water destroyed 30 apartments on the 6th and 7th floors.

Lucky for Angie Barreno she had no water damage this time around but she is still without power.

"My groceries are all going to be gone and I had just done grocery shopping," she said.

Two year resident Debra Taliaferro showed us video of her apartment after the pool leaked the first time.

She said her medication and belongings were ruined.

"They throw your stuff all over the place everything is everywhere you have strangers in and out out of your home it's an uncomfortable feeling," she said.

Vice mayor Lauren Odman was frustrated too. She came out later Saturday night asking for an internal investigation.

"In six weeks, how did this happen twice? I've spoken to our city manager and there along with the BSO investigation I would like there to be an internal investigation done as well... who signed off on this?"

Commissioner Bill Harris says the city has done everything they can for those who needed a place to lay their heads.

"As far as I know everybody was taken care of. They were supplied food. Publix sent over subs and water and Tony's restaurant up the street sent over some hot food. We tried to take care of the people as best as we could on the spur of the moment and I think our team at the city did a really good job," he said.

Residents are trying to work out deals with nearby hotels to get discounts on their stay.

The building's management would not comment on the matter.


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