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Obama, Romney Campaigns Hold Watch Parties In S. Fla.

MIAMI (CBS4) - Millions of people across the country watched the debate and hundreds gathered in South Florida at watch parties organized by the candidates and political parties.

At Fritz & Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables, dozens of vocal Romney supporters cheered and applauded when their candidate scored a point.

"People have to see Romney as a potential leader and he's doing a strong job of that tight," said Bradley Gerber, President of the Miami Young Republicans. "Romney's talking about what he would do. Obama's talking about taking slams at Romney."

Obama's supporters at an event at the Gusman Center in Miami pointed to the president's experience.

"I think (Obama) has experience over the last four years and he's someone who cares about every single individual," Erin Andres said.

The debate focused on foreign policy. Obama's critics say they are upset over the handling of the killing of Americans -- including an American diplomat in Libya. They are focused on the timeline of when Obama revealed the truth of the attack.

"We have a president who says he's commander in chief but he's not acting like commander in chief," said Romney supporter Michele Waddell. "Like with the Libya situation, to take 2 weeks to answer to it."

But Obama's supporters say the president's record on foreign policy -- including ending the war in Iraq, winding down the war in Afghanistan and killing Osama bin Laden -- is very strong.

"He's smart," said Obama backer Karen Duncan-Wood. "He investigates history. He builds relationships around the world. I think he's doing a wonderful job in the debate."

With only two weeks left until election day, the race between Obama and Romney is razor thin. Romney's supporters say he needs to keep doing what he's doing.

"Continue to show who he is -- a serious leader," said Joe Pistorino. "That he's gonna bring our country to the financial stability that it needs to be."

Obama's supporters say they will work as hard as possible over the next 2 weeks to re-elect him.

"He needs to finish what he started," said Cecilia Tavera-Webman.

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