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Numerous law enforcement phone scams reported across Florida Keys

KEY WEST — The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is warning residents across the Florida Keys about a phone scam involving thieves impersonating members of their agency.

According to MCSO, numerous residents from Key Largo to Key West have reported scammers pretending to be members of the department and asking for money or making threats about fake arrest warrants or false accusations about missing fake jury duty.

MCSO stated in a Saturday press release that the criminals are using the names of real Sheriff's Office members and using phone numbers that appear real on caller ID, along with computer software that can mimic the voices of public officials and loved ones. According to MCSO, scammers have even impersonated Sheriff Rick Ramsay in past occurrences.

The agency stated that law enforcement and other public agencies will never call people in such a way.

"Remember: Whenever you are asked for large sums of money over the phone, hang up!" MCSO stated.

If you or anyone you know might've been targeted or affected by the scam, call the nearest Monroe County Sheriff's Office substation.

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