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911 Call Released In Deadly Shooting Of Miramar Mother

MIRAMAR (CBS4) - New details are emerging in the shooting death of a Miramar mother.

According to a just released arrest form from the Miramar Police Department, Lisa Symonette, 51, died of a gunshot wound to the head.  She was found lying on a bed inside a downstairs bedroom at her home on SW 130th Avenue on Saturday morning.

Miramar Police have charged her husband, 43 year old Brian Symonette, with first degree murder.  He is being held without bond.

According to the arrest report, "There was no sign of a struggle within the residence.  The victim appeared to have been shot while she was lying down on the bed."

The report goes on to say, "It was learned through witnesses that the victim put on a birthday celebration for Brian Symonette at a nearby hall on the evening before this incident.  A witness also advised that the victim and Brian Symonette got into an argument at the party.  The reason for the argument was unknown.  Brian Symonette then left the party."

Also, Miramar police have just released the 911 call that was made inside the home shortly after the shooting.

In the call Brian Symonette tells the dispatcher, "We were fighting.  She grabbed the gun when we were fighting.  It went off.  I don't know if she's breathing.  Please send help immediately."

The couple's only child, an eleven year old son, told officers he heard his father cursing at his mother.  He then was instructed by his father to call 911.  Then child called 911 but did not witness the shooting, according to Miramar police.

Brian Symonette was back in court Tuesday afternoon at a shelter hearing,  looking dazed and at times incoherent.

A judge is deciding where the couple's 11 year old son should go.

For now he is staying with his paternal grandmother, Brian Symonette's mother.

That did not sit well with relatives of Lisa Symonette who crowded the courtroom and tearfully told the judge that they had been left out of the process.

The 23 year old brother of the eleven year old begged the judge to be able to see him through this difficult time of losing their mother.

The judge continued the hearing until Thursday morning.

Relatives told the judge that the funeral for Lisa Symonette will be held late Thursday afternoon.

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