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More monkeypox vaccination sites become available in South Florida

Additional monkeypox vaccination sites become available in South Florida
Additional monkeypox vaccination sites become available in South Florida 02:48

MIAMI - Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale is the latest site to open for monkeypox vaccinations. 

"This week the county opened up more sites. I took advantage of that, I came to Mills Pond Park," said Bill Brown, moments after getting his shot. 

In Broward, there are now 7 locations, along with 2 in Miami-Dade. 

People trying to get the shot said it's gotten a lot more simple. "It was easy for me to get an appointment. I went on the website, I think I waited two days to get the appointment," said Kevin. 

He said he wants to protect himself and others. "I'm out and about all the time and I'm at the gym, so I guess I have a lot of contact with people so I guess it's important that I get it," Kevin said.

Florida health officials point out that it's not easily transmissible. "It is spread by direct skin-to-skin contact with lesions and not casual contact with the public. Meaning you can't get it casually by being in public with somebody who has monkeypox," said Dr. Ulyee Choe from the Florida Department of Health.

We've learned the median age of someone who's contracted monkeypox is 38 in Florida with 99% male, 1% female and 51% of all patients are living with HIV.  

In Miami-Dade, 3 teens between 15 and 19 have gotten it and 2 in Broward, along with 1 child between newborn and 4 in Martin County."The cases that involve, especially young children, are usually due to household contacts and household transmission from someone who's an infected individual," Dr. Choe said.

"I would like to see us to reduce the spread of Monkey Pox and get it under control and hopefully irradiate it from our society," Brown said.

Health officials say the best way to do that is by getting vaccinated if you're at high risk. "On the website, pick the site you want to go to get your vaccination and they'll be ready for you to give you the inoculation," Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis said. 

For locations and appointments in Miami-Dade, click here. In Broward, click here

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