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Miami Police Chase Ends In Coconut Grove With Robbery Suspect Taken Into Custody

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A robbery suspect led police on a high speed chase through the busy streets of Miami on Saturday.

The pursuit came to an end in Coconut Grove.

Police say it all started as a 911 call from a laundromat owner who was being robbed.

As officers arrived, the suspect took off and the chase was on.

Police take a man into custody following the end of chase that stemmed from a laundromat robbery. (Source: CBS4)

Cellphone video shot just after 7 p.m. shows police chasing the suspect.

The chase went from high speeds to a slow down when they arrived in Cocowalk.

"We saw this guy traveling at very slow speeds, under 20 miles per hour, about 17 to 20 cop cars following behind him," said witness Brian Cowan.

Theresa Balfour says she had a pretty good view of the chase from a nearby restaurant where she was eating dinner.

"Police blocked him from the back, they blocked him from the front," she said. "He went up on the curb and I think he hit a tree."

Police say the suspect's minivan went between a light pole and tree. He even smashed into a Mini Cooper.

Nikolas Snyder says he's lucky it wasn't his car.

"I realized that my car was actually parked here but it was parked inside and they made me check on my car [and] make sure wasn't hit, but it seems like the guy in front of me got pretty banged up," said Snyder.

And finally police pulled the driver from the car and put him in cuffs.

Police say the man also hit a cop car during the pursuit but ultimately they say it's fortunate that no one was hurt.

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