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Miami Makes List For Top Ten Frugal Cities

MIAMI (CBS4) – Shoppers in Miami have made one company's list for being some of the most frugal consumers in the country.

At least according to

The company, which claims to be "the largest free coupons and cash back site on the web", said an analysis of coupon usage from their site and found that Miami came in 6th on their list.

Number one was Houston followed by Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia. Rounding out the top ten were Dallas, Phoenix, New York and San Antonio.

So who are the least frugal? Boulder, Colorado topped the list followed by Santa Clara, California; Provo, Utah; Burbank, California and Berkley, California.

The company said coupons for "household items" were the most downloaded with toilet paper coupons leading the pack; on food based coupons cereal was the leader.

According to NCH Marketing Services annual report, in 2010 U.S. shoppers saved $3.7 billion by using coupons. Additionally, 78% of U.S. shoppers used coupons; an average household redeemed approximately eight coupons every month.

Moms were twice as likely to use coupons than single women; women (63%) were more likely to use coupons than men (37%.

So where are the coupons being used? Just about everywhere. Forty five percent of all coupons were redeemed at grocery stores, according to Another 42% were coupon codes for online shopping, 8% were used at restaurants and remain 5% fall into other categories.


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