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Miami Gardens Police Release More Info On Deadly Weekend Shooting

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MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) -- Miami Gardens Police Chief spoke out about one of their own shooting and killing a man with mental problems.

Chief Stephen Johnson said, "Officer Trimino then fired five times at ticking him on two occasions."

Almost three days after the fatal shooting the police chief speaks about his two officers on the scene of a mentally challenged man who the chief says was beating his officers.

The chief said both officers were hit repeatedly by the 25-year old man with broom stick that had a metal end. He said his officers followed proper procedure.

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The Miami Gardens Police Chief said 34-year old officer Eddo Trimino fired the fatal shots that killed 25-year old Lavall Hall.

Johnson said, "Officer Trimino then fired five times at ticking him on two occasions."

The Chief said two years ago Trimino shot and killed someone on the job in self defense.  That victim was shooting at him when he fired back.  He was cleared and put back on the job.

Also on the scene, Sunday morning at 5 a.m. was 66-year old officer Peter Ehrlich.  The officers were called to the scene by Lavall Hall's family.

The family met in their front lawn after the chiefs comments but wouldn't say anything.

In a previous interview his mother said,  "He just was walking up and down the sidewalk up and down the sidewalk."

The chief said they'd been called to the house before.  One time Hall had lit his clothes on fire and was standing over his mother with a knife.  Sunday morning his family said he thought someone was after him.  When the officers showed up to detain him the chief said, "Ehrlich tried to exit vehicle. He attacked him with a broom handle."

The chief said Officer Trimino saw what happened and chased Hall then Hall attacked Trimino with the 4-foot broom handle.

Johnson said, "Officer Trimino was struck in head by metal end of that broom handle."

Trimino hit hall with a tazer. That didn't stop him.

Ehrlich then used his tazer but that didn't work  either.

Johnson said, "The subject didn't comply and was combative towards Trimino."

That's when the fatal shots were fired.

The chief said both officers are Crisis intervention certified and are veterans.  They are on paid administrative injured leave.  Officer Trimino has stitches in his head.

No specifics were given on the shooting other than Hall was shot in the chest and arm.  The police department is turning the specifics over to the State Attorney's Office.

Hall's family has an attorney. They are doing their own investigation.

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