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Police will be out in force in Miami Beach to ensure a safe Memorial Day holiday

MIAMI - Thousands of people are descending on Miami Beach to celebrate Memorial Day.

Business owners are expecting the holiday weekend to be a huge moneymaker, while police say they're out in full swing working to keep everyone safe.

Other departments from across the county will also be here assisting with crowd control.

Police said they're trying to create the best experience for the people who live here and those visiting.

"Any time you have a large group of people converging into a small area, we're an island, there's going to be a handful who make some poor decisions. That's why we have the officers out here to address those," said Ernesto Rodriguez, with Miami Beach Police.

But so far, so good.

"I'm very confident it's going to be nice and smooth and everyone having fun," says Jose Ormaza, a Manager and Partner of 'On Ocean 7 Cafe.'"

People from all over the world are in Miami Beach for the holiday weekend.

"It's our honeymoon we are really happy!!" said Anahi Delabarrera, who's visiting for the week with her husband. They're from Mexico City.

Another couple we talked to, made the trek from Italy.

"It feels like old times. It kind of feels like pre-COVID so we're enjoying it," said Domenico D'Aqui.

In addition to extra patrols from all around Miami-Dade, there will also be 150 county employees spread out around the city.

"They're out here in these bright pink shirts and they serve as that liaison between law enforcement and the community to remind folks of what the rules are," says Rodriguez.

Restaurant owners say holiday weekends have the potential to bring in 10s of thousands of dollars in extra revenue.

"It's going to help us out tremendously. Memorial Day weekend is always busy," says Ormaza.

After a rocky spring break, hospitality workers are prioritizing safety and hoping for a money-making weekend.

"The more traffic the more money obviously but with more traffic there are more safety issues so it's a balancing act," said James Civil, a Server at Wet Willies.

Keep in mind, that there are road closures. You'll only be able to access Ocean Drive at 13th Street and exit down here at 5th Street. There will be enhanced police presence through the weekend.

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