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Auction Serves As Punishment For Criminals, Profit For Police

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DORAL (CBSMiami) – Property confiscated from criminals by the Miami-Dade Police Department is up for sale, available to the highest bidder for the next two weeks.

Luxury cars, a pricey camper are just some of the items up for auction to the public.

"Confiscate contraband items and items used or bought with proceeds from crime and illegal activity and sell them and use the proceeds for enhancing law enforcement work," said Sgt. John Barrow with MDPD.

The department is selling off its surplus forfeited vehicles for a bargain.

According to investigators, a camper, purchased by an organized crime ring convicted of ripping off local retailers and reselling the stolen goods, is up for auction at a $100,000 discount.

"They made so much money off just stealing $5, $10, $100-worth items that they were able to buy a $220,000 camper," Sgt. Barrow said.

Police said they confiscated a box truck, up for auction, was used as a mobile marijuana lab with a trap door set up to hide narcotics. Starting bid is $100.

Also at the auction, a Mercedes-Benz which belonged to former county employees arrested for fraud, bribery and money laundering.

Profit from the auction is used towards enhancing police work.

"Reinforces that crime doesn't pay so not only do we take goods that were obtained illegally, but also it allows us to enhance investigations to continue to find more people committing illegal activities," Barrow said. "A trust fund set up for specialized activities such as protracted investigations or to roam specialized equipment needed for special investigations."

The auction is online and ends July 20 at 5 AM. To participate and bid on MDPD's online auction, register with the County's online auction partner, free of cost, by clicking here.

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