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Man Videos Teen In Bathroom

DORAL (CBS4) - A seemingly innocent light fixture in a bathroom turned out to be anything but that. Doral Police said 30-year-old Edison Gonzalez used his skills as an electrician to turn the light fixture in the bathroom of his girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter into a video camera.

Doral Police say he then videotaped the girl as she bathed. He shared an apartment with the victim and her mother.

"He placed a light fixture on the roof directly above the bathroom where the girl's bathroom was and he used it not connected to any light fixture or powers of the house. And he had a peep hole and he used that peep hole as a means to video tape the young girl while she was bathing," says Lt. Carlos Alfaro with the Doral Police Department.

Investigators said the girl's mother figured out what was going on and called police.

"It takes a sick individual to do something like this in today's day and age, when it's absolutely not necessary for a grown adult to be preying on a little kid that you're supposed to be caring for the welfare of," said Lt. Alfaro.

Authorities said they confiscated Gonzalez's computer and found images of the young girl on it. Gonzalez and the girl's mother had been together for three-years.

Gonzalez now faces 65 counts of voyeurism and has been ordered to stay away from the 15-year-old.

He remains in jail on $50,000 bond.

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