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Man Gets 45 Years For Killing Ex-Wife's New Husband In Front Of Kids

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A man convicted of shooting and killing his ex-wife's new husband will spend at least 30 years in prison, a judge said Friday.

The judge handed Cristobal Palacio a 45-year sentence, making 30 years mandatory.

Palacio's family made an emotional plea to the judge for leniency following his second-degree-murder conviction. His father Cristobal Palacio spoke to the judge through an interpreter, "We all have faith…that he wants to be the best he can be."

Palacio was convicted of shooting Paul Winter multiple times in front of his children. The shooting happened in October 2008 when his ex-wife, Jennifer Winter, was dropping off their kids for a visit. Palacio's daughter testified she watched his father shoot Winter. On that basis, Palacio was also charged with child abuse for which he was also convicted and sentenced.

"Mr. Palacio is going to stand by his position that he was under attack by Paul Winter and he absolutely defended his right to not be hurt," Palacio's attorney Michael Walsh told the judge.

"It was not an accidental it was a vicious intentional shooting based in anger," countered prosecutor Joe Mansfield.

Mansfield also read a letter from the mother of the victim's son who lives in England.

It read in part, "I want Mr. Palacio to know that on that day he not only murdered Paul he also destroyed a part of my son's life."

Mansfield asked the judge sentence Palacio to life in prison without the possibility parole.

Palacio was facing a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of life in prison. He was sentenced to 45 year and 10 years for the two child abuse charges – time to be served concurrently.

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