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Long Road To Recovery For Lauderhill Boy Who Nearly Drown

LAUDERHILL (CBSMiami) – A toddler is out of the hospital after he nearly drowned two months ago in his family's pool.

Talib, 2, sustained a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen from an incident where he fell in the pool on March 1st, his mother tells CBS4's Marybel Rodriguez.

"I did not know in my mind how I was going to live, I did not want to live, I never felt that before" said a very emotional Tunisia Wardally to Rodriguez.

According to Wardally, Talib was with her in the bathroom minutes before he feel in the pool on March 1st. Her husband was also in the house but no one saw him go outside. They found him floating and didn't know how long he had been there.

"He was blue not responsive his eyes were back he was lifeless," said Wardally.

Within minutes Tamarac Fire Rescue responded and rushed the little boy to the hospital.

It took doctors at least 30 minutes to find his pulse, said Wardally. She was also told because he had no pulse for a while they were not sure the extent of the damage to his brain.

Talib's mother is determined and will not give up. She is willing to move mountains if she has to in order for her son to recover and going into a hyperbaric chamber once a week for an hour is just one of the many things she is doing to give Talib a second chance at life.

"I just want him to pull up his arms to me and see him run again like he did before," said Wardally.

So far Talib has received 15 hyperbaric oxygen treatments and his mother says he is showing signs of improvement but her insurance does not cover this type of therapy and she needs help.

Talib's mother, in order to get help to continue his treatment, set up a website. Visit for more information.

Or, if you would like to help Talib with the treatment, call Neighbors 4 Neighbors at 305-597-4404.

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