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Kids Crushed By Furniture A Growing Problem But Can Be Prevented

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Kids climbing furniture is nothing new but it's a growing concern especially when a child dies every two weeks from furniture tipping over onto them.

There are some easy ways to make sure your child stays safe.

Shocking video that's been viewed millions of time shows 2-year-old twin brothers Bode and Brock playing on their dresser when the unthinkable happens. The 100-pound dresser tips over, pinning Brock. His brother spends two minutes trying to nudge him free and finally succeeds.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, someone is injured in a furniture tip over accident every 15 minutes. About 33 thousand injuries are treated in the emergency room due to this.

"We can see skull fractures. We can see brain bleeds. We can see brain injuries that lead to permanent disabilities or even death," said Dr. Barbara Gaines with UPMC Children's Hospital.

Most parents don't realize the hazard they have in their home. To prevent tip-overs, make sure you secure furniture to the wall with heavy-duty nylon straps.

"Basically they go two per piece of furniture into studs in the wall and then to the back of the furniture," said Kimberly Finkbeiner who runs Babyproofing Pittsburgh.

You should remove TVs and remote controls from the top of dressers, along with any tempting items that might encourage kids to climb.

While an adult sees a bookcase, a child may see it as something to play with.

"They see oh lots of fun things that are shiny that I want to play with so let me go get them," said Finkbeiner.

Also, make your furniture bottom heavy by loading dressers with heavy items in the bottom drawers and light items up top.

A majority of tip-over accidents involve television sets.

Experts say it's important to have them on furniture that is low to the ground and stable, secure the TV to the furniture or have the television mounted on the wall.

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