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Inside The Interrogations Of Teen Accused Of The Spot Shooting

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Newly-released video takes you inside the interrogation of a teen accused of shooting 15 people at a Miami nightclub.

"You are my only child, and I cannot lose you to these streets. As hard as I try, Will, you just don't understand how hard it is," Will Campbell's mother says with tears in her eyes as the two of them sit in a police interrogation room.

Campbell is accused of shooting more than a dozen people in October at a club called The Spot. Witnesses told detectives that Campbell was the shooter, but he denies it, saying he heard multiple shots but doesn't remember details.

He then admitted to detectives he was under the influence, saying he drank "Grey goose, Remy, Hennessey [and] patron." He also admitted to smoking marijuana that night.

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Of the 15 people hit, one boy was shot five times in the stomach. Investigators believe Campbell shot him after his acquaintance, Jamiroquai Young, also known as Choch, pointed the victim out after getting in a fight with him a few days prior at Norland Senior High.

"It wasn't because of me," Young told detectives. When they asked Young how he knew it wasn't because of him, he replied "[Be]cause he had a lot of other problems, his house got shot up."

"I don't  know Choch like that for him to be pointing out someone to shoot," Campbell told investigators. When Campbell asked sarcastically if he looked like a hitman, detectives replied, "yes, because everyone pointed you out as the shooter!"

Campbell is charged with one count of attempted murder, and 14 counts of aggravated battery.

Young is charged with multiple counts of accessory after the fact.


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