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How To Prep For A Possible Hurricane Irma Hit

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- As Hurricane Irma moves across the Atlantic Ocean,  some South Floridians may want to think about preps.

The National Hurricane Center's forecast cone shows there may be a threat to not only South Florida but also the Florida Keys and Cuba.

The Keys are especially vulnerable to storm surge flooding and if a major hurricane is forecast to pass near them, they will begin tiered evacuations within the next day or two.

At last check, the closest approach time remains this weekend for South Florida and the Keys.

This means you may want to start gathering materials for an emergency supply kit if needed. The National Hurricane Center suggests the following materials:

  • Water - At least 1 gallon of water per person/ animal per day for at least 3 days.
  • Food- At least a 3-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • Radio- A battery-powered radio with NOAA weather radio tone alert and extra batteries.
  • Flashlight- Make sure you have extra batteries as well.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Manual Can Opener - If the electricity is out, you would need some way to open your canned food.
  • Cell Phone -  Make sure you have extra battery packs or a solar charger to keep your phone on.
  • Prescription Medications
  • Glasses
  • Cash
  • Important family documents - Make sure you have copies of insurance policies and some form of state issued ID.
  • Sturdy shoes - Think about pulling out those rain boots and sneakers.
  • Pet Supplies - Your pets will need enough food and water to also weather out the storm with you.

If you have a generator, make sure you have propane. Also, try to top off your gas tank ahead of time.

For those prepping, the last good day of weather will likely be Friday with weather starting to deteriorate Saturday. This of course can shift if the storm speeds up or slows down.

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Many took advantage of the Labor Day holiday to fill their hurricane survival kits. Many were seen stocking up on supplies like water, food, gas and sandbags. Some were seen shopping for generators just in case of power outages if there is a hit.

"We do have shortages because they were sent to Houston .....We should get them Wednesday or Thursday," said Rick Correa, an assistant manager at a South Florida Home Depot store.

Joann Stump and her husband were getting brackets to shutter a window.

"We're getting equipment so we're not in long lines. If you wait until the last-minute, there's too much stress," said Stump.

With his eye on the storm, Florida Governor Rick Scott took to social media saying, "Families should take time today to make sure you have a disaster plan and fully-stocked Disaster Supply Kit." 

Miami-Dade County offers a variety of apps and alerts to stay up to date. You can sign up for Miami-Dade Emergency Alerts  that will let you know through email or texts about public safety issues, recommended public protective actions, or other emergency information. Their SAFE app lets users find open and available evacuation centers and Disaster Assistance Centers near you.  To report damage info to the county, click here. 

In the Florida Keys, Monroe County activated their Emergency Management team. Residents can sign up for alerts or view them by clicking here or you can reach their emergency hotline at 1-800-955-5504.

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