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How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Headphones

Just about everywhere you go, you see people wearing headphones – all kinds of different headphones.  How do you pick the pair that's right for you? Today you can get audiophile sound in headphones that match your lifestyle.

The earbuds that "came with" your device are small and light, but the audio quality can be really lacking. The good news is an upgrade doesn't need to cost a fortune. Quality in-ear headphones are light, offer moderate to excellent isolation from outside noise, and some come with precision-built rubber or foam ear-tips for a custom fit.

If you are the sporty type you can get some water-resistant headphones with sport clips to help hold them in place. There are also on-the-ear headphones that rest on top of your ears, secured with a headband. These are a little bigger, which can boost the bass and overall sound quality, even though the open back of these phones is less isolating. If you're walking down a busy street that can be a good thing.

The over-the-ear headphones with the full cups surrounding your ear are a little heavier, but can offer a true quality audio experience – with deep bass, crystal highs, and a sense of headroom. Those cups all the way around your ears mean the best isolation from outside noise. This will give you peace and quiet when you need it the most like when you have an annoyingly noisy seatmate on a busy flight.

Headphone options can include things like wireless via Bluetooth, noise canceling to block outside sound or microphones and built-in device controls. Match the right one to your lifestyle, or, pick more than one set for your different activities.

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