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Horse Found Slaughtered In SW Miami-Dade

SW MIAMI-DADE  (CBS4) - Police say someone slaughtered an abandoned horse the day after Christmas and left the body in a SW Miami-Dade canal, the latest in a number of horse slaughters that have plagued Miami-Dade in 2011.

Ranch owner Julia Yapell made the gruesome discovery.

"I was driving to the store and there were tons of buzzards. And you know, where there's buzzards, there's carcases," said Yapell. "I went over to the canal and what I saw was a silver ear. Being a horse owner, I knew that it was a horse."

And she knew the silver horse had been slaughtered.

Blood lined the guard rails. Not much was left behind.

"I mean this animal was completely butchered, every bit of edible meat was taken," said Yapell. "I've seen several, and it's never easy to see, it's never easy to see that. It's horrible."

Just feet away, other horses roam free -- likely released by owners who can no longer afford to care fore them.

One man who did not want to be identified says he rescued three horses on Christmas day.

"We saw the horses and they are kind of emaciated, they're skinny," he said.

He called police for help.

Now, a day later, police came back.

As officers searched for clues into Monday's slaughter, animal rescuers from the SPCA rounded up the remaining horses.

Yapell hopes horse owners who can't afford the animals anymore, will call organizations like the SPCA and not just let the horses go free.

"Left for easy targets for slaughter. It's a business. You know, it's a business, so that's the end," said Yapell.

As police continue to investigate, they hope you can help find the person who slaughtered this horse. If you know anything at all, call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

To learn more about horse care, you can visit the SPCA's website at

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