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High School Band Dances In Rap Video About Strip Clubs

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — This newly released rap video featuring several Miami Northwestern Senior High band members in uniform is creating quite a controversy.

The song celebrates strip club culture, and it now has the Miami-Dade County Public School District considering taking legal action.

It's Rapper Juicy J's newly released music video, featuring Rapper Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and several members of Miami Northwestern Senior High School's band, in uniform, with their schools' consent.

"We did know who the main artist was and parents did sign release forms," said John Schuster,  the Miami-Dade County Public School's Spokesperson.

But Schuster says they didn't know the 'Bands A Make Her Dance' song would be full of explicit lyrics, referencing drugs and strippers.

"It was disheartening to see this," said Schuster.

But Northwestern Bull Stanley Brown, who recently graduated, says he doesn't think the video is a big deal.

"I think its fine because of the simple fact they are putting our school out there," said Brown.

"It'll encourage more students to come to the school knowing they can be in a band and in a video."

But Brown's mother, Nicole Maxwell, sees things a little differently.

"It's up to Northwestern to make sure and do more research on what they are putting their students in," Maxwell said.

School officials say the students went to an empty warehouse in Miami's Wynwood District to record a drumline portion of the video, but say they were never actually present when the rest of the video was shot.

"The students were actually filmed by themselves," said Schuster. "It's a process called blue screen or green screening, where the students stand in front of a blue or green wall all by themselves and through the magic of video, they're able to edit it together."

The President of the Northwestern Alumni Association, Larry T. Williams, says the entire situation was a regrettable mistake.

Williams says he knows the school's principal and that he'd never put the kids in harm's way. He thinks it was just an unfortunate situation that slipped through the cracks of the schools system.

While Schuster says the lesson learned from all of this is that school level officials should better communicate with officials at the district level, Williams believes the solution lays with the Superintendent.

"We ask the superintendent to move forward with his platform on licensing and branding to make sure across the board things like this don't happen again."

Williams says he has been in touch with Lil Wayne's management group, who he says expressed they want to right the situation.

Meanwhile, the school district is considering taking legal action.


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