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Herald: Opera Tower Shooting May Be Linked To Credit Card Fraud Investigation

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Authorities are investigating the possibility that the triple shooting at a downtown high-rise over the weekend is connected to a credit card sham operation.

As first reported by CBS4 News partners The Miami Herald who obtained relevant search warrants, when police arrived inside the Opera Tower condo building detectives found drugs, drivers licenses from multiple states, bank documents, several fake credit cards, and plastic cardstock used to make credit cards and printers.

The warrants depict that Sunday morning's shooting began with a man claiming to be a tenant locked out of apartment 1906. After the security guard retrieved the extra key, he accompanied both the "tenant" and another man to the front door. Once the door to the condo was unlocked, the gunshots were fired.

The three men injured in the shoot out, as per the warrant, were Shawn Jenkins, Devin Hall, and Davon Reeves.

According to the paper, there have been no arrests and "authorities have remained tight-lipped about the investigation."

Cell phone video inside Opera Tower shows police tape-up and officers still guarding one of the units on the 19th floor. That's where police say it appears the shootings happened about 10:30 a.m Sunday. Then the victims scattered.

"It looked like a scene out of the movies," said Chris Cruz who is here on vacation and staying on the 18th floor. "There was blood trails leading through the staircases to the elevator there was blood smeared on the wall people trying to like keep their balance there were pools of blood in the middle of the hallway."

Cruz said a woman was running through their hallway Sunday morning begging for help.

"One of the neighbors two or three doors down from where we were staying was saying the girl was trying to get into her apartment."

We spoke to that neighbor over the phone. She says she's afraid after what happened and asked us not to use her name. She said a young woman was banging on her door trying to get in. She said the woman was frantic, but whispering, saying she needed to hide.

Police have not said anything about that woman or what her relationship might be to these shootings.

Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes said officers found two of the wounded in the building's lobby. Investigators said there were numerous crime scenes within the building.

Christian Castro said he was working his convenience story in the lobby when he saw two of the people who had been shot. He said both were conscious but one had been shot in the hand and the other in the back. He said he didn't hear the gunshots, but did recognize two of the men as regular customers.

"I know the guys, I always see the guys in the building," said Castro.

The third injured person, Davon Reeves, 26, was located on the 30th floor where police say he was knocking on doors asking for help. Monday, cell phone video taken on the 30th floor showed blood smears near the doorway of unit 3005.

Residents say they still don't know exactly what happened and some people are getting frustrated with the lack of answers. "Let us know what's going on. Is it safe stay in your rooms or run for your lives? Tell us something," said James Rivera who lives in the building.

On its website, Opera Tower boasts beautiful views and luxury living. Some units have sold for more than half a million dollars. Residents said crime, when they hear of it, is generally of the non-violent variety.

"Just the usual stuff stolen bicycle or motorcycle or whatever," said Grant Stern who lives in the building.

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