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Harambe, Hennessy or JR Smith: Who Did America Write-in On Their Ballots?

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MIAMI (CBSMiami)-- The generally overwhelming feeling of many voters this election year was the lack of a stand-out candidate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their warts, and whenever the light was shined on Gary Johnson and Jill Stein it was evident that they had their blemishes too.

It's unsurprising that there'd be some throw away ballots. Whether or not it was for humor or an attempt to protest candidates while exercising the right to vote, write-ins were sure to be in play.

Thanks to social media, the small percentage of write in votes was going to be a loud faction. Based on the internet, you may have been lead to believe that a third of the country wrote in candidates - one of them being Harambe, the dead gorilla.

Many people wrote him in.


No word yet on how #JRSwish2016 went. Maybe he makes a run back at it in 2020.

This is a thing that happened and also has a twitter.

So was this: Sweet Meteor O'Death.

Meanwhile in the wrestling world, Steve Austin's had this plea for votes…

… And he gained a little traction. A platform the people can believe in.

We can also say with absolute certainty that Ric Flair received at least one vote.



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