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Gunfire Erupts In Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Possible Road Rage Incident

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) - A quiet afternoon in Fort Lauderdale turned violent as an argument escalated, ending in gunfire, a case of possible road rage, according to Fort Lauderdale Police.

"I was just trying to collect my thoughts, did I really just hear a gunshot, or was it just construction?" wondered witness Elizabeth Boutet.

Boutet wasn't hearing things. It was, in fact, a gunshot, all captured on cellphone video.

"I just see a male laying on the floor, a bunch of people crowding around him, and the ambulance and police were right on the scene," said Boutet.

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A single gunshot left a man, dressed in business attire, sitting smack in the middle of SE 2nd Street, with a tourniquet around his leg.

"He got upset that he took the parking spot or cut him off and went to attack the guy and shot in self-defense," said Boutet who explained that the shooter was the one who was attacked. "He was being submissive and apologizing and he kept going at him and he shot him in self-defense."

The man who reportedly fired the shot was cuffed and escorted to a waiting police cruiser.

Fort Lauderdale Police say the accused shooter is cooperating and is not under arrest as the investigation continues.

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