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Gloria Estefan Reveals She Was Infected With COVID

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Gloria Estefan revealed on Tuesday night she was infected with COVID.

She posted a video on Instagram talking about her experience.

"I went to a restaurant, outdoors, with some family, three, four of us. Everybody was negative. We wore masks all the way to the table," she recalled. "And when we left, the only thing I can imagine that happened, is that someone came up to me when I was eating and tapped me on the shoulder. They were very close, they had no mask and they were telling me beautiful things. But that's the only thing that I have done outside of my enclosure here."

Estefan said she lost her sense of taste and smell earlier this month.

Realizing something was likely wrong, she got tested and it came back positive.

She did not have any other symptoms besides a mild cough. Still, she said she quarantined herself for two weeks.

She has since tested negative twice.

Estefan reminds everyone that the virus can be very contagious and should wear a mask, always.

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