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Family Believes Man Who Killed Wife At NE Miami-Dade JCC May Also Be Responsible For Disappearance Of Trukita Scott

NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) – A family is grieving after a husband opened fire on his wife in a packed community center. Now others are speaking out, saying the husband had questionable past and may be responsible for other domestic violence incidents.

"My prayers go out to the family for what they're going through, I understand, but that's the kind of gentleman he is," said Charles Scott, referring to Carl Watts, the man arrested for the shooting death of Shandell Harris.

Harris was Watts' wife. According to police reports, Watts stabbed her six times the day before the brutal murder, which occurred Sunday in front of her 12-year-old daughter during her swimming lesson at the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center.

"He went there to JCC with a gun – guns aren't allowed in the JCC – and then he shot the victim multiple times," said a judge Monday during a hearing where Watts was denied bond.

But Scott says he should have never been out of jail because he believes Watts is also responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his daughter Trukita Scott, who was dating Watts and had a son with him.

"She broke up with him and she was moving on and he wanted to see her about giving money for her son," said Scott. "We told her don't go see him by yourself, but she thought that this would never happen."

That was back in 2014 and Trukita has not been since.

Trukita Scott 625
Trukita Scott (Source: Al Livingston)

In a statement, Fort Lauderdale police wrote, in part, they are aware of Watts current murder arrest and he is considered a person of interest in Trukita's case.  Now they are asking anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

Sentiments echoed by Scott.

"Not having closure on what happened, just speculation of what could've happened, but the main thing is we would like to know where our daughter is and what happen to her, anything would be helpful. I think it's very unfortunate that it had to happen to someone else's child and another person had to lose their life because of this," Scott said.

Again, anyone with information about Trukita Scott's disappearance is asked to call the Fort Lauderdale police.


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