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Exercise Your Way To Better Sex

MIAMI (CBSMiami) --  There's a new way of exercising that is backed by Harvard doctors to improve your sex life. It's called Thrust and it was created here in South Florida.

It's a new exercise regime that is created to not just get you in better shape, but to make you better in bed.

According to Este Benitah, it actually works.

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"My libido is awesome, yeah it's improved a lot," said Benitah, who just had a baby six weeks ago. "I got to try it through my whole pregnancy. I bounced right back."

Two weeks after her third baby was born, Benitah is pictured in a bikini holding the new infant. She credits Thrust.

"Sex wise it was incredible! I think it's what got me pregnant and got me through the pregnancy," Benitah exclaimed.

She was one of the people to test Thrust, before, during and after her pregnancy. She's even one of the models in the video.

Thrusts creator is biologist,  Olympic trainer and entrepreneur Mike Faddis.

"So how on earth does this make your sex life better?" asked CBS4's Cynthia Demos.

"The Thrust program targets specific muscle and muscle groups and exercises that are proven to improve form and function," explained Faddis.

It's a combination of yoga, Pilates, and resistance training. It focuses on the lower body and increasing blood flow in the pelvic area.

In the first phase, there's weight loss which the doctor said balances hormones and increases libido. There is a lot of stretching and kegel exercises along the way. Thrust is even backed by Harvard doctors.

"It's been shown scientifically to perform sexual function," said Dr. John Martin, a graduate of Harvard Medical School. He believes mixing a solid workout with specific exercise to enhance your sex life is novel.

"Combining the two makes for a happier person," said Martin.

Este said she's happier and so is her husband. "Yeah he says I'm more confident."

Being confident leads to more intimacy, which in your relationship can help you hit the reset button.

So where can you find this workout?

So far, they've only had a soft release online. It's officially out in November.

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