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Entourage Movie Opens This Week

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The boys are back and this time its on the big screen.

Entourage, the movie, is all about living the Hollywood dream. In the center of it all is Vincent Chase, the movie star portrayed by actor Adrian Grenier.

CBS4's Lisa Petrillo sat down with him recently to find out what we can expect from the movie.

"It's supposed to be a little bit of escapism. A summer film. We're not looking to get too deep, we're just looking to have the best time ever." Grenier told CBS4's Lisa Petrillo. "You're invited into the world of the entourage and you're invited into the world of a movie star who has endless options, unlimited resources with zero consequences, who wouldn't want to live that life?"

But Grenier is not all like his hedonistic character. He's about the preservation of the planet. Petrillo last met up with the actor last year when he showed her how his company SHFT furnished the interiors of a building in the Arts District of Miami with all sustainable products .

"We're enjoying life so I say let's make sure we enjoy it for years to come. If we don't give back a little, and also mitigate our consumption, it may be too late and we wont have anything left for tomorrow," said Grenier who balances his passion for the planet with his love for acting quite nicely.

When it came to the movie, Grenier and his buddies were all in . Every one of them.

"I can't imagine this film would work without every single of the entourage in it. These guys don't go anywhere without each other and they wouldn't leave anyone behind," explained Grenier.

The movie picks up right where the show ended. This time Vince will star in a film, produced by his former agent Ari who is now the head of a movie company. There are cameos by stars in the world of sports, movies and music.

But, it's the chemistry of the entourage on and off camera that keeps this franchise alive

"That's the great thing about working with all actors from the East Coast. We were cast specifically because we have that mentality and it really paid off," he said.

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