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Deerfield Beach HS Asst. Principal Arrested For DUI

DEERFIELD BEACH (CBS4) - A Deerfield Beach High School Assistant Principal was arrested early Sunday morning for drunk driving.

Keith Roberson, 38, registered a .217 and .212 on two separate breathalyzer tests, according to Sunrise Police.

Police say Roberson was observed on Pine Island Road swerving over the center lane at a high rate of speed and then crashing his SUV into the back of a Honda just before three in the morning.

Roberson was booked into the county jail and posted a $500 dollar bond before his release.

He was not in school Monday morning, according to students but word of his arrest spread quickly across the campus.

"He's supposed to be a role model.  That's being a hypocrite, you don't tell people not to drink and drive and then you do it," said sophomore Ryan Marseille.

Added Junior John Jolly, "I was surprised he was arrested.  He's so silent."

Parents expressed disappointment.

"I know we're all human but what example are you setting for the students," said mother Diana Rodriguez.

Her son Denzel is a sophomore and honors student at Deerfield Beach High School.

"He's a good influence.  For him to do something like this, I didn't think it was true," said Rodriguez.

Other students wonder how it will affect his authority.

"By him doing that, it changes our whole point of view about him," said Freshman Derrica Glenn.

"I felt hurt, I respected him, so it shocked me," added Freshman Crystal Major.

Other students were sympathetic to the assistant principal

"I believe everyone deserves a second chance," said senior Rubens Toussaint.

According to the school district, nothing prevents Roberson from returning to school because his position doesn't require any driving.



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