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Crossfit Kids Teaches Importance Of Exercise & Nutrition

SOUTH MIAMI (CBS4) -- Childhood obesity continues to be a problem for children in South Florida and across America. Studies show that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years which is why fighting obesity is so important. Helping kids get motivated is a relatively new and fun program for kids called Crossfit Kids. It's located inside the Peak360 Fitness facility in South Miami.

Three days a week, kids 6-years-old and up are working out at Crossfit Kids. They do kettle bell swings, run, jump and learn about nutrition.

These kids aren't too young to know what's good for them.

"Vegetables, fruit, nuts, good fats but not the bad fats and what I try to avoid is a lot of sugar," said 8-year-old Veronica Oliveira.

She has learned a lot from the sometimes challenging workouts and enjoys the benefits.

"I like it because I get to stay strong and healthy and do it in a fun way and I can still get exercise, a lot of it," exclaimed Oliveira.

Parent Eric Fernandez has seen improvements in his 6-year-old son Gavin since he started Crossfit Kids. Fernandez likes the fact that Gavin is learning about staying healthy and fit at such an early age.

"It teaches him already at a young age to learn habits that are good habits so it becomes a way of life for him instead of something that is forced upon as we get older," said Fernandez.

Gavin, like many of the kids in the program, really enjoy it.

"Well I think that it's really good cause I like it so much and we do a lot of stuff so I get stronger every day," said Gavin.

Peak 360 Manager Virginia Oliveira agrees.

"They're learning the importance of exercise at a young age so they can nip diabetes and obesity all of those things in the butt now, early on," said Oliveira.

Rates vary for the program and they have financial assistance for families in need. You can click on for more information.

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