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Broward County Exploring Smoking Ban In Parks

BROWARD COUNTY (CBSMiami) – Parks in Broward County may soon be "no smoking" zones.

Broward Commissioners voted Tuesday to instruct the County Attorney to create an ordinance that will prohibit smoking in county parks.

"Rather than allow smoking in some areas and not in others, it would be better for the public, with what we know about second-hand smoke, if we prohibit it in county parks altogether," said Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, who introduced the idea.

While smoking is not currently prohibited in parks, signs have been placed around playground areas asking people not to smoke where children congregate.

"According to the Centers for Disease Control children smoke because they are replicating things that they see. In order to reduce tobacco prevalence, we need to create smoke free environments," said Andrew Cuddihy, Program Director for the American Lung Association.

"I'd like to make the whole world smoke free! I think this is a great idea and I will do whatever I can to assist in making this happen, "said Commissioner Lois Wexler.

"I support this idea, but in parks such as Central Broward Regional Park, there is a capacity to hold up to twenty-thousand people for outdoor events. What would be the effect? So, I'm concerned about how we will go about doing this," noted Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness.

"Anyway we can cut second-hand smoke I think is very good. Smoking is banned in restaurants, but people still go to restaurants. I don't believe this ban would stop people from going to county parks," said Commissioner Martin David Kiar.

Once the County Attorney develops the legal language for the ordinance, it will come back to County Commissioners for further review and a public hearing prior to approval of a final ordinance.

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