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Broward Considers Airport Body Scanner Ban

FORT LAUDERDALE ( – In the wake of most countries in Europe vowing to stop using full-body scanners at airports; the Broward County Commission is looking into banning the scanners from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The ban would be in place until the scanners have scientifically been proven safe for passengers.

The Commission is expected to take up the issue Tuesday and the TSA will have a spokesperson there to argue for the government's position.

If the Broward Commission bans the body scanners, it would be the first major airport in the United States to approve a ban since Europe banned the system, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The scanners emit low-levels of radiation when performing the scans, which has raised concerns around the world.

PBS published a report earlier this year that said it was possible that between six and 100 airline passengers each year could get cancer from going through the machines.

The TSA has repeatedly said the scanners are less dangerous than common X-rays. The Department of Homeland Security also said that the technology used on the scanners is safe for all passengers.

While Broward County can pass the ban, the ultimate decision will come from the TSA on whether or not to keep the technology in place.

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