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Broussard: Bosh's Contract 'May Be Where the Error Was'


Did Chris Bosh's max extension last summer potentially affect Dwyane Wade in his ongoing contract negotiations?

"I like Chris Bosh but that may be where the error was because Dwyane is better than Bosh," ESPN's Chris Broussard said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. "You were gonna lose him -- he was going to Houston. You were gonna lose him. But as much as I like Chris Bosh how much of a huge difference is he making?

"They make the playoffs with Chris Bosh next year. Maybe if Chris Bosh isn't there, Goran Dragic doesn't want to go there so there's all types of things to consider, you're right. I like having Bosh but that's a long-term deal at a lot of money and if it was gonna cost me Dwyane Wade, I'd rather have Wade even at this part of his career, I'd still rather have Dwyane Wade than Chris Bosh."

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