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'Blue Bloods' Celebrates 250 Episodes Friday, March 11th

CBS - The CBS Original series, 'Blue Bloods' starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg celebrates its 250th episode, airing Friday, March 11th on CBS and on demand on Paramount+.

To find out what this special episode has in store for fans, we asked Selleck why he thinks the show resonates with viewers and what we can expect.

"It has a lot to do with family frankly," said Selleck. "I also think we don't hammer the people over the head with messages. This one came up and it has to be a very good one called 'Guilt' and we're proud of it being our 250th episode, but but we've kind of keep our head in the game all the time. I think that's why the show is still on the air."

In the episode, Frank, Baker, Garrett and Gormley experience feelings of guilt when Detective Angela Reddick (Ilfenish Hadera), an officer they briefly worked with at 1PP, is shot after Frank reassigned her for not meshing with their team.

Also, Eddie, Danny and Baez investigate a man's murder after Eddie and her partner respond to an altercation between the victim and a neighbor, and Anthony finds himself at a crossroads when he's offered a promotion that strains his relationship with Erin.

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