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Police Make Arrest In Shooting Of Woman Near Fontainebleau Hotel In Miami Beach

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Miami Beach police have made an arrest in the shooting of a woman who was in her car near the Fontainebleau Hotel on Wednesday morning.

Police said the accused shooter, who was driving a BMW, was positively identified by the victim as Tremain Weekes, 23.

The victim had arranged to meet with Weekes at a local hotel and had agreed to be paid $1,000 for stripping services, according to police.

Once at the hotel, police said the victim danced for the suspect but refused to have sex with him and that is when she left.

Later, when she was driving, she told police she heard three shots.

Police were able to get the name of the hotel and arrested Weekes as he returned to the establishment to retrieve his personal things.

Weekes faces charges including attempted felony murder.

The victim was injured when bullets shattered the glass of her car. She said she had to drive more than 30 blocks to safety in North Beach.

That's where her boyfriend told CBS4 that "Someone tried to rob her."

"It was just before 8:30 in the morning when we were seeing multiple calls indicating a shooting near 44th Street and Collins Avenue. The information we received indicated the shooting was amongst two vehicles, a white Mercedes as well as an SUV BMW that was white in color," said police spokesman, Officer Ernesto Rodriguez.

As police raced to the scene, they found the Mercedes about 30 blocks away near 74th Street and Collins Avenue at Gary Avenue and Bruce Street.

"We discovered a vehicle, the Mercedes, that the vehicle itself was shot multiple times. The female inside sustained injuries from what appears to be shattered glass. She was treated on the scene by Miami Beach Fire Rescue and released. She was then taken to police headquarters for questioning," said Rodriguez.

Schools in the area of the shooting were placed on lockdown as a precaution.

"With all the youngsters going back to school we placed a number of schools on lockdown because safety is our number one priority. This could have had a much different ending," said Rodriguez.

The woman's boyfriend, who would only say his name was Anthony, rushed to the scene after hearing her car had been shot at.

"I don't know what happened to her but I do know that someone tried to rob her, She called my phone screaming. Me and my brother on three-way looked for her the whole time. They shot the window, I heard shots on the phone, she was screaming and panicking, " he said.

He told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "I have been calling and calling and calling and that is the reason why police are here at this scene. I was able to get her location through my phone."

CBS4 found a yacht at 44th Street and Collins Avenue with a least one bullet hole in it. Police on the scene said it may have come from the shooting.

"We know there was some sort of disturbance between the occupants of both vehicles. We don't know if that began out of the vehicle, at a different location, there's a lot of detective work that still needs to be pieced together," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said "This could have ended much differently. But the officers saturated the area, not just one area but pretty much a large span of Miami Beach from mid Beach to North Beach."

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