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The best gaming chairs of 2024 are supportive, comfortable seats for all-day play

The best gaming chairs of 2024 are supportive, comfortable seats for all-day play

Tired of gaming while sitting in an uncomfortable seat that leaves your back aching? It's time to upgrade your setup with a gaming chair. Whether you're questing through worlds on PC, adventuring on PlayStation or battling on the Nintendo Switch, the right gaming chair can unlock new levels of comfort. We're talking plush, pillowy seats and customizable back support, so you can game for hours. Some even have built-in massagers and footrests, so you can really kick back and enjoy yourself. 

These chairs can blow basic office seats out of the water. They can make your gaming station the envy of all your friends, but most importantly, they'll become one of your favorite places in the house. With their rugged frames and bold, eye-catching designs, gaming chairs are comfortable and cool-looking. More importantly, they offer great head, neck, and lumbar support without falling into the boring beige office chair trap. Some even have memory foam, so you can have a super luxe experience. 

So why suffer through another day when you can experience prime comfort and cutting-edge style with an ergonomic gaming chair? Your back will thank you, and your gaming skills might, too. 

Best gaming chairs of 2024

Best gaming chair: Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair
Best premium gaming chair: Logitech x Herman Miller Embody gaming chair
Best budget gaming chair: Respawn 110 ergonomic gaming chair
Best gaming recliner: SMAX gaming recliner chair
Best gaming chair for larger frames: Anda Seat Kaiser 3 large gaming chair

Best gaming chair: Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair: $659

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Gaming Chair

The best gaming chair we've found is an unassuming buy from a company you might not have heard of, but we definitely think Secretlab is worth hyping. 

This seat is made of cold-cure foam to help your posture and comes with a magnetic, memory-foam head pillow that can be adjusted. Embedded magnets keep the pillow from sliding around like straps do, so once you sit back, you don't have to jump up and adjust things. Right away you'll also notice a difference when you sit as its plush cushion cradles you instead of flattening against your behind. The cushy back support is a great addition, too. 

It can support up to 285 pounds, and its deep recline means you can lock the chair in place, kick back and relax, without having to worry about the chair falling over. It's also super sturdy, with a reliably strong frame that you can move and slide around without having to worry about breaking something. 

Plus, its 4D armrests adjust in four directions and have replaceable tops. It also comes in three sizes to fit your height, with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. This is sheer comfort in gaming chair form. 

Best premium gaming chair: Logitech x Herman Miller Embody gaming chair 

Herman Miller

If money truly isn't an object, you can go beyond mere comfort and bring this home this Cadillac of gaming chairs. It's more of an investment in your health than a simple gaming chair, but if your back is in bad shape, it's worth it. 

This ultra high-end seat is the result of a joint effort between Logitech and Herman Miller and comes with a number of premium features, including cooling foam and advanced spinal support. 

Just about every aspect of this ergonomic chair is adjustable for a custom fit: You can fiddle with the arm width and height, seat depth and seat height. You can even optimize the back of the Embody chair to mold to your unique spinal curvature if you want. 

It actively works to distribute pressure evenly throughout its frame to conform to the way your body moves. That can help keep your blood flowing and your weight distributed on the chair, so you stay super comfortable and supported.

This is a pricey pick, but well worth it for anyone in a chair all day -- and night -- long.

Best budget gaming chair: Respawn 110 ergonomic gaming chair: $166

Respawn 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Looking to spend a bit less on a new chair? You can part with less than $200 on this excellent midrange seat. With super plush cushioning, an adjustable back and integrated lumbar support, it's a dream for the price, and boasts comfort that some chairs twice the price can't offer.

In terms of comfort, this chair's frame is also wider than most of its competitors. That makes it an ideal choice for users who are larger and taller than average. It comes in six colors as well, so you can choose the shade that fits your style and decor the most.

This is a great starter chair, but its sturdiness and comfort mean you might end up keeping it far longer -- it can stand up against some of the more "luxurious" gaming chairs, and if it does happen to break down, it's affordable enough to buy another.

Best gaming recliner: SMAX gaming recliner chair

SMAX Gaming Recliner

Need a little more space than your average gaming chair? Maybe you want to kick back and have a little nap between levels. No problem. Just get a gaming recliner instead. 

Of course, this chair is bigger than your average model, for an extra comfy experience. It's also crafted with breathable leather, so you can stay comfortable without having to worry about getting sweaty too quickly. And you can snooze away whenever you're ready to take a break, as it can recline, with a sturdy footrest.

Plus it has an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. It also comes with a pouch and cup holder so you have a place to stash both your drink and your snacks, both important parts of any gaming session. There's also a pouch on the side of the chair to hold any other essentials you might need in-game. 

Find this chair in two colors, plus in standard and extra-large sizes.

Best gaming chair for larger frames: Anda Seat Kaiser 3 large gaming chair: $430 (14% off)

Andaseat Kaiser 3 large gaming chair

If you're taller or have a wider frame than some folks, you might want a bigger chair. This seat is a great option that supports a maximum height of 6 feet 2 inches, and a weight of 260 pounds.

Designed by a former race-car-seat manufacturer, this chair is all about comfort, from its 4D adjustable armrests to its wide base. It comes with an ultra-soft removable neck pillow that molds to your neck to help take off the edge from a long day of gaming (or work). Its plush memory foam adapts to the contour of your head and neck for better support, too.

You'll notice a difference when you sit down in this seat, thanks to its ultra cozy, overstuffed base that can accommodate larger and wider frames. Of course you can still enjoy it even without that body type, as this seat is just a great choice overall. It's well worth the price, especially if you need a little more space when you're sitting all day. 

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