From 1950-1990: 10 home design trends that endure

  • 1980s: Floral wallpaper

    Photos courtesy of Zillow

    Floral wallpaper, like wallpaper in general, has come in and out of style over the decades. The '80s were the last time it graced our walls en masse, but it's coming back among young homeowners.

    A 2014 Houzz Decorating Trends Study showed that homeowners under 35 were the most likely to incorporate wallpaper into their interior designs, and if today's HGTV home makeovers are any indication, not much has changed.

    You might remember floral wallpaper as it appears in this La Verne, California, home, built in 1983, on the left above. Now, wallpaper is more likely to be seen on a statement wall or used boldly in one room as shown in this 2016 Bozeman, Montana, home on the right.

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