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Woman Pickpocketed While At Lululemon In Glendale, Police Say

GLENDALE ( — A shopper at Lululemon at the Americana at Brand in Glendale was pickpocketed last week in an incident that was caught on video, authorities said.

The three suspects, described as a man and two women, were seen in security camera photos entering the popular women's athletic store.

Video showed the male suspect stand on one side of the victim, who was wearing white. Another woman is seen in the footage standing on the other side, while a third female was seen behind the victim.

Even though the actual theft wasn't visible in the footage, police said when the man held up some merchandise, the woman in the back reached into the victim's purse.

"Strategically, they position themselves in a manner where no one can see the one suspect reach into victim's handbag," Tahnee Lightfoot, a spokesperson for the Glendale Police Department, said.

The suspects got away with credit cards and more than $1,000 in cash, authorities said.

Police said they have no evidence the trio is responsible for other crimes, but can't rule out the possibility.

"It's obvious that they have done this before. They look and appear like pros so they had planned this," Lightfoot said.

Investigators think the victim may have been targeted so police have advised women carrying handbags in public to use a small purse with a strap, preferably with a snap rather than a zipper.

Police also advise women to hold their purse in front, and limit the amount of cash and credit cards.

"It's actually a little surprising and uncomfortable as a woman to know that people are doing that," said Pam Heiberg, a shopper, who hadn't heard about the theft.

Police said the victim had no idea someone had reached into her purse until she grabbed for her wallet and realized it was gone.

Shoppers, in the meantime, say they'll try to heed the warnings.

"I think if you're shopping, most women carry their regular purse and mine's kind of big so I think it's a matter of just being aware," said Julie Ann Martin, another shopper.

Police say they are seeing more pickpocketing lately, especially in crowded locations.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects seen in the footage is asked to contact the Glendale Police Department.

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