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Why parents protested against a Pasadena principal's reinstatement

Parents protest against a Pasadena principal's controversial reinstatement
Parents protest against a Pasadena principal's controversial reinstatement 02:40

On Tuesday night, Pasadena Unified School District officials held the first of several community meetings regarding the return of a controversial principal.

Parents against the move protested outside the meeting and called on officials to fire the principal.

"We would like to see Mr. Ramirez fired," said parent Julie Schneiderman.

Last month, San Rafael Elementary School Principal Rudy Ramirez raced to campus after someone called 911 call claiming they saw a burglar. However, after a brief investigation, authorities determined it was the school's Latino Janitor working on a Sunday.

A private security guard's body-worn camera captured San Rafael Elementary School Principal Rudy Ramirez chastising neighbors for racial bias.

In the video, he used obscenities to describe people living in the predominately white neighborhood.

Parents like Schneiderman said this isn't the first time Ramirez has acted out. For several years, she claimed that many parents have brought their concerns to the district about questionable behavior but to no avail.

"He is a dangerous man," she said. "He is aggressive when he is alone. He talks about parents behind their back. He is misogynistic."

However, other parents disagreed and defended Ramirez, even claiming he should be given grace.

"What he said absolutely needs to be addressed and we all need to work with that," said parent Andrea Torosian. "But I can't honestly say that I would've had any different reaction."

The district said it's time to move forward and plans on holding another meeting with the community so all voices can be heard. But for some parents, like Patricia Jimenez, it's too little too late. The concerned mother pulled her son out of San Rafael three weeks ago.

"The district has failed him," she said. "They have not been able to provide a competent leader."

Ramirez was present at tonight's meeting. However, when asked for a comment the district said no. 

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