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UCI sweatshirts sold at Orange County Costco stores mistakenly printed as "UC Urvine"

"UC Urvine" sweatshirts a hot ticket item online
"UC Urvine" sweatshirts a hot ticket item online 01:12

A mistake that UC Irvine would rather forget has gained a rabid fan base online.

UC Irvine sweatshirts sold at a Costco in Irvine were mistakenly printed as "UC Urvine" and students, alumni, and even people with no link to the school are finding it urresistible. Sorry, irresistible.               

"It's definitely like a novelty item that a lot of students are gonna want," one student said. "I would definitely show it off, be a little proud that they're reppin the merch."

Photos of the misspelled sweatshirts were posted online, and now people are desperate to find them online.

"if anyone who knows how to get this stupid sweater, I am willing to go to LENGTHS," jabari macdonald tweeted alongside screenshots of the Costco display.

"I think its pretty funny and UCI should maybe consider changing the name of the school. I think its pretty iconic," another student said.

A UCI spokesperson said the University was made aware of the defective merchandise over the weekend at three Costco stores in Orange County, and the stores "took immediate action to have the sweatshirts removed."

Costco declined to comment on the misprinted merchandise.

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