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Torrance mother steps in to help and stop street takeovers

Police struggle to muster up the manpower to crackdown on street takeovers
Police struggle to muster up the manpower to crackdown on street takeovers 02:35

Chaos followed gunshots at a South Los Angeles street takeover as people ran for cover Monday morning. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the street takeover and ensuing gunshots happened before 2 a.m. near Crenshaw and Florence Avenues in Hyde Park. Police said there were no injuries or arrests. It is unclear if the shot were from or directed at the takeover crowd. 

Lili Trujillo said it is part and parcel of a dangerous environment created by street takeovers that have taken over not only South LA but all over the region. The founder said she's focused on ending the trend after her daughter was killed 8 years ago. 

"At this point, I think we have seen so many things go wrong, so many things happening, said founder of Street Racing Kills Trujillo. "Whether there is somebody getting run over. Whether there is somebody dying. Whether there is somebody being stabbed [or] somebody running away getting [stampeded].

Trujillo's daughter, Valentina was riding home with a friend when their car crashed while street racing. Since then, the grieving mother has made a heartfelt appeal to hundreds of young people charged with misdemeanor or felony reckless driving passing through her intervention program. 

"Telling them 'You don't want to make your momma cry," said Trujillo. "I cry. There's not a moment I don't think of muy daughter — everything reminds me of her."

While police said that they lake the manpower for a major crackdown, many are pushing for authorities to get more funding to tackle this new trend.

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