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Todd Fisher Puts On A Show Befitting His Mother Debbie Reynolds, Sister Carrie

LOS ANGELES ( —  Screen legends Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher -- mother and daughter -- died a day apart last December.

Today, Todd Fisher -- Reynolds' son and Fisher's brother -- put on a show befitting the two women.

CBS2's Tina Patel attended the unusual memorial. Todd explained his mother didn't like funerals or memorials.

He decided to put on one last show for his mom and sister -- it was attended by friends, family and fans.

How to you pay tribute to two women who were not only larger than life on screen but larger than life off-screen as well?

"You pay tribute by showing all the great home movies, all the pictures that Carrie and Debbie and I filmed," said Todd.

He filled the show with movie vignettes, music, dance and funny stories. He invited friends of his mom like Dan Aykroyd and Ruta Lee.

"They filled their lives with great accomplishments and brought joy to people all across the world," Lee told the assembled crowd, including many fans.

Fisher said he never saw his mother turn a fan away. She considered them to be a part of her extended family. He knew she would want them to be part of the celebration of her life.

"Here's a chance where we can all get together like family and have an event like family," Todd said.

"It's amazing that they're doing that for us. I know this takes a lot of effort, I'm glad they're letting us grieve with them," said fan Stefanie Vance.

Fans said, if possible, today's event made them appreciate the two legends even more.

"Their talent, their giving nature, their personalities, they were just larger than life," said Patrick Coughlan.

They didn't want to say goodbye to Reynolds or Fisher but fans were glad to know they still had many film memories and amazing character that they left behind.

Of Carrie Fisher one woman said: "She just means so much to 'Star Wars' fans. -- I'm going to start to cry --  she really meant a lot to us."

Reynolds was well-known for collecting Hollywood memorabilia though much of her life.

Todd Fisher told Patel the family is going to display much of it -- along with memorabilia owned by Carrie -- at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood.

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