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Supporters Rally Around Gov. Jerry Brown For Possible 2016 Presidential Run

LOS ANGELES ( — Supporters are rallying around California Governor Jerry Brown in the hope he will announce his fourth run for the highest political office in the U.S.

RoseAnn DeMoro, the executive director of National Nurses United - the largest nurses organization in America - told KCAL9's Dave Bryan Brown guided California through the worst ecomomic and budget crises since the Great Depression and should consider another run for President.

"Jerry Brown is a rock star in California. I mean, he's California's rock star. He's just risen... once again," DeMoro said, arguing the politician is "precisely what America needs."

"He knows how to govern. He's not beholden to special interests," DeMoro said.

As Bryan reports, few political professionals believe Brown will actually run for president in 2016, although he has not explicitly ruled out a run for office.

Skeptics also say he may not have the money, support or stamina to win.

Jon Fleischman, founder and publisher of the influential FlashReport online - the voice of conservative Southern California Republicans - also argues the so-called "Brown recovery" is a myth.

"We don't know that California's been saved from anything yet," Fleischman said.

"You have to remember that all those rosy projections just ignore half a trillion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities, unfunded unemployment funds for the state of California. There's a lot of work to be done here in California," he said (sic).

Brown has already run for president three times, including his 1992 run against President Bill Clinton, whom he accused of funneling lucrative state work to his wife Hillary's law practice.

If he makes a fourth run for president, Brown will have to overcome some serious obstacles, including his age. He would be 78 on election day - older than any successful presidential candidate.

Brown's critics also say his potential opponent, Hillary Clinton, is considered by many to be the frontrunner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination - should she decide to run.

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