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Studios Production Model In L.A. Adapts To The Changing Times

With every passing year, the methods of making Hollywood movie magic change to meet the growing demands of the worldwide consumer. When Michael Woods graduated from USC with a M.A. in film production, he could not have imagined how the entertainment business would change. Early in his career at the studio, he would view the array of productions filling the back-lot in awe. Going out to lunch in the studio commissary often included encounters with movie stars – sometimes in full regalia but that really does not happen as much any more. Movie productions have all but left the Los Angeles area because of state tax incentives that make it more cost-effective to film out-of-town. In a recent conversation, Michael explained his ever evolving position and the changing entertainment industry.

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Woods)

How have you benefited from working at Warner Bros.?

"Warner's an iconic and prestigious place to work. I have been fortunate to have a steady and challenging job to provide for my family and work in the environment of modern entertainment."

Did you want to be an actor or performer, or do you prefer to be behind-the-scenes?

"When I first came to Los Angeles I pursued being an actor and after several years of playing drug dealers and gang members decided I needed a change. As a result, I enrolled at USC. After graduation I became involved in the business side of show business. My oldest son, Jason Woods, is pursuing acting, and has started generating content online as well as some success in smaller films. My youngest son, Ethan Woods, is working regularly with the Fine Bros."

How has your position enhanced your life overall?

"Being a manager of trademark administration was not what I expected to do when I got out of school, however, it is an ever changing and demanding field that has challenged me in ways I would not have anticipated."

What would you advise a young aspiring arts student?

"Take any job in the industry to get your foot in the door. Once there, you should work to build relationships and network to find your niche."

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