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Residents Claim Thieves Are Siphoning Gas From Their Cars

PASADENA (CBSLA) — Residents across the Los Angeles area are claiming thieves are siphoning gas out of their cars amid the record-high gas prices.

" [They] figured out a way to pop it," said Pasadena resident George Carrier.

Carrier claims that someone stole a quarter tank of gas out of his minivan. The father said he can' afford to lose any more gas and hopes that parking his van closer to a security light will deter thieves.

Others like Marcela Mena said that siphoners also targeted right as she was delivering groceries.

"I was dropping off groceries to a family member and when I returned to my car I turned it on and that's when I got the alert that I had low fuel," said Mena. "It's hard, gas prices are high...heartbreaking."

Gas station technicians like Emery Shen claim that he has received various reports of theft at several gas stations.

"There have been reports of people siphoning gas directly out of the tanks putting a hose down into the gas tank, sucking out," he said. "We are also hearing reports of people drilling right in the  gas tanks, taking gas out of cars directly."

However, according to Lt. Bill Grisafe from the Pasadena Police Department, his officers are not seeing an increase in these thefts. "Gas prices [are at] a national, historical high and it is a concern that gas is a commodity that people need [or] want," he said. "And they don't want to pay the price."

Grisafe said that modern tanks are fitted with special anti-siphoning devices but thieves continue to find ways around it. He recommends drivers park in a well-lit area, a secure garage or in a well-trafficked area. Grisafe also assured that police will increase patrols if needed.

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