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Rare sperm whale spotted off Dana Point coast

'Once in a blue moon,' Naturalists spot rare sperm whale near Dana Point
'Once in a blue moon,' Naturalists spot rare sperm whale near Dana Point 01:00

A group of whale watchers saw a rare sight while boating in the waters off Orange County's coast. 

"Once in a blue moon, you may get to see something you have hoped to see your whole life," said Nona Reimer, a former teacher that educates guests aboard the Dana Wharf Whale Watching boats. "There it was a sperm whale!"

A photo of the sperm whale the group spotted.

Reimer, who also goes by Nona the Naturalist, was aboard one of the whale-watching trips when her group spotted the wrinkled body of a sperm whale on June 8 in waters near Dana Point and Laguna Beach. She said the group witnessed the animal's full breathing cycle, which lasted over six minutes, and watched in awe as it spewed water from its blowhole. 

"AS these whales usually sound for an hour or longer, we knew our serendipitous encounter had come to an end," said Reimer. 

According to Dana Wharf Whale Watching, sperm whales are extremely rare in the area. The group has only encountered a few through the decades. 

In addition to the rare sperm whale, the group said they spotted two blue whales and two humpback whales.

Sperm whales are some of the biggest toothed whales in the ocean, with males weighing up to 50 tons or more than 700 people, according to the National Wildlife Federation. 

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